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Monday, March 2, 2015

Taking stock

making: a house for Woodsy. I used a diaper box and construction paper and some paint and viola! Joey has been having a blast with it. So easy to please that one. Teddy thought it looked tasty and has since tried to eat it.  hence, it no longer has doors or windows(insert monkey covering eyes emoji) 
cooking: spinach lasagna. my fave.
drinking: currently some delightful fruity tea from starbs called youthberry. and I'm feeling pretty youthful, just saying:) 
reading: this(very informative!), this(so sweet!) and I just reserved this(YA is the bomb;)) and this from the lib!
wanting: it to be spring! So soon, right?
playing: down on the ground with the kiddos. We've been singing and reading books and being silly. It's the best. 
eating: my go to lunch of pb&j on rice cakes with pretzels and an apple. always. daily.
loving: cannolis! sooo good! They are my new fave. I just can't get enough. 
feeling: thankful.  life is just so good, isn't it?
wearing: slippers! Obsessed with slippers. Always have on slippers when I'm at home. 
following: lots of great blogs. Like this one and this one and this one-- just to name a few!

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