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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Life in pics

Well it's March.  It's only uphill from here in the weather department, right? Although February is the shortest month, it sure felt long!  Here's what we were up to as the snowiest month of the winter wrapped up.
 A new indoor play area just opened and we went with some of our cousins!
Teddy taking a little cruise.  and yes his neurotic mother sanitized the heck out of that thing! BUT only because it was Friday during February vacation and it was a complete zoo.  So that means extra germs probably. Right?\
Joey loves his pal Sophia:)
This place was super cool.
My sweet Tedo:)
pig pile on dad!
Yum! I've been all about the cannoli lately! So delish. I'm super fancy with my
Hanging with this stud.  We've been watching Love it or List It, too lately!
Joey is sharing his pancakes with Woodsy.
I created a little book nook and it seemed to promote a new "appetite" for books;)
Headed out to pick up stuff for our big bday party coming soon! If you can't tell our theme is Toy Story:) We then headed to the Pizza Hut buffet to meet my brother, cousin & Grampy for lunch.  It was so nice to get out!

Boys being boys. I love these two! And yes I am that mom who dresses her kids alike. Not above it one bit;)

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  1. Where is this new indoor play area? I'm in desperate need of places to take Fynn while I'm on maternity leave- it's just too cold right now for anything outside, but we NEED to get out of the house.