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Monday, March 30, 2015

Joey is 3

This kid is three.  I am trying to wrap my head around it.  I know it is the cliché of all the clichés, but where did the time go?? Didn't I JUST have him?? I just can't believe I have been a mom for three years.  But at the same time, I really can't remember life without him!
He has always been my easy, breezy little guy minus the fact that he is the pickiest eater known to man {like legit throws up if he doesn't like the taste or texture of something. so that's fun;)}
He is the sweetest, most polite, loving, absolutely hilarious little guy around.  And most recently--a little sassy.  That is 3, I suppose.
This was a big year for Joey. 
 He welcomed a new brother.  He loves Teddy and he is so good to him.  Except when he is not.  Like when Teddy is playing with ANY toy in the house.;)
He was the ring bearer in two weddings.  He fancy like that.
He had his first X-ray.  On his foot.  Was totally fine.
Fave things:
Food: Waffles, smoothies, chocolate chip cookies.
Drink: milk
Shows: Thomas, The Letter Factory, Daniel Tiger, Curious George
Movies: Toy Story, The Polar Express (may be THEEE favorite!), Cars, The Incredibles(or as he calls it the superhero movie)
Still loves any kind of vehicle--trains, trucks, cars.
Still has Woodsy--he's little stuffed bear.
Joey Jargon:
"I have a good idea...."
"Ohh, I see"
"What's anybody doing??"
Hey stinky butt Teddy"
Hiiii Teddy, did you have a good sleep, I'm so proud of you!" 
When reprimanding Teddy--"Edward Paladino!"

He is talking up a blue streak! I've been trying, trying, to not down funny things to remember so you may be subjected to more Joey jargon real soon!

I sure do love this first born of mine! Although he really did ruin me as a parent with his easy breezinrss. I got a little cocky in the parenting department{thank goodness teddy took me down a notch;)}

I can't wait to see what the next year brings with this kiddo!

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