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Monday, March 30, 2015

Joey is 3

This kid is three.  I am trying to wrap my head around it.  I know it is the cliché of all the clichés, but where did the time go?? Didn't I JUST have him?? I just can't believe I have been a mom for three years.  But at the same time, I really can't remember life without him!
He has always been my easy, breezy little guy minus the fact that he is the pickiest eater known to man {like legit throws up if he doesn't like the taste or texture of something. so that's fun;)}
He is the sweetest, most polite, loving, absolutely hilarious little guy around.  And most recently--a little sassy.  That is 3, I suppose.
This was a big year for Joey. 
 He welcomed a new brother.  He loves Teddy and he is so good to him.  Except when he is not.  Like when Teddy is playing with ANY toy in the house.;)
He was the ring bearer in two weddings.  He fancy like that.
He had his first X-ray.  On his foot.  Was totally fine.
Fave things:
Food: Waffles, smoothies, chocolate chip cookies.
Drink: milk
Shows: Thomas, The Letter Factory, Daniel Tiger, Curious George
Movies: Toy Story, The Polar Express (may be THEEE favorite!), Cars, The Incredibles(or as he calls it the superhero movie)
Still loves any kind of vehicle--trains, trucks, cars.
Still has Woodsy--he's little stuffed bear.
Joey Jargon:
"I have a good idea...."
"Ohh, I see"
"What's anybody doing??"
Hey stinky butt Teddy"
Hiiii Teddy, did you have a good sleep, I'm so proud of you!" 
When reprimanding Teddy--"Edward Paladino!"

He is talking up a blue streak! I've been trying, trying, to not down funny things to remember so you may be subjected to more Joey jargon real soon!

I sure do love this first born of mine! Although he really did ruin me as a parent with his easy breezinrss. I got a little cocky in the parenting department{thank goodness teddy took me down a notch;)}

I can't wait to see what the next year brings with this kiddo!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


One of my Lenten goals has been to get to at least one daily Mass during the week.  The first week of Lent we didn't make it until Friday and we got stuck behind a school bus that stopped at almost every driveway along the road leading to Church.  So we were late.  Daily Mass at this particular church is in the very small Chapel and the only seats were in the smack dab front row.  As I made my way to the front, I silently prayed the boys would be on their best behavior.  We were already late, I didn't also want to make a ruckus interrupting everyone else's worship.. And although they weren't perfect by any means, they kept it together pretty well and I sincerely hoped we weren't a bother to those around us.  But when it was time to offer peace, it was only kind looks and genuine smiles surrounding and I breathed a sigh.  At the end of Mass the priest made a comment on how wonderful it was to see new young life at Mass.  And then when Mass had ended numerous people came up to me to inquire about the boys and tell me how happy they were to see us.  It made me realize that people are happy to see young children at Mass, they are after all the future of the Church.  But it also made me realize that I am giving my boys a gift too by showing them the importance of the Mass and faith and God.  And at the end of the day, if that is all I give them, I think I've done my job.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Life in pics

Well it's March.  It's only uphill from here in the weather department, right? Although February is the shortest month, it sure felt long!  Here's what we were up to as the snowiest month of the winter wrapped up.
 A new indoor play area just opened and we went with some of our cousins!
Teddy taking a little cruise.  and yes his neurotic mother sanitized the heck out of that thing! BUT only because it was Friday during February vacation and it was a complete zoo.  So that means extra germs probably. Right?\
Joey loves his pal Sophia:)
This place was super cool.
My sweet Tedo:)
pig pile on dad!
Yum! I've been all about the cannoli lately! So delish. I'm super fancy with my
Hanging with this stud.  We've been watching Love it or List It, too lately!
Joey is sharing his pancakes with Woodsy.
I created a little book nook and it seemed to promote a new "appetite" for books;)
Headed out to pick up stuff for our big bday party coming soon! If you can't tell our theme is Toy Story:) We then headed to the Pizza Hut buffet to meet my brother, cousin & Grampy for lunch.  It was so nice to get out!

Boys being boys. I love these two! And yes I am that mom who dresses her kids alike. Not above it one bit;)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Taking stock

making: a house for Woodsy. I used a diaper box and construction paper and some paint and viola! Joey has been having a blast with it. So easy to please that one. Teddy thought it looked tasty and has since tried to eat it.  hence, it no longer has doors or windows(insert monkey covering eyes emoji) 
cooking: spinach lasagna. my fave.
drinking: currently some delightful fruity tea from starbs called youthberry. and I'm feeling pretty youthful, just saying:) 
reading: this(very informative!), this(so sweet!) and I just reserved this(YA is the bomb;)) and this from the lib!
wanting: it to be spring! So soon, right?
playing: down on the ground with the kiddos. We've been singing and reading books and being silly. It's the best. 
eating: my go to lunch of pb&j on rice cakes with pretzels and an apple. always. daily.
loving: cannolis! sooo good! They are my new fave. I just can't get enough. 
feeling: thankful.  life is just so good, isn't it?
wearing: slippers! Obsessed with slippers. Always have on slippers when I'm at home. 
following: lots of great blogs. Like this one and this one and this one-- just to name a few!