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Monday, February 23, 2015

Tedster-10 monthish

At this point Teddy may be closer to 11 months than 10 so this recap is once again tardy because, second child.
I don't know of a child who has more nicknames--Teddy, Tedster, Tedo, Teddy Teddy two by four, Tedster McGee and as Joey so affectionately calls him--stinky butt teddy.
I have yet to have to use my stern "Edward John" discipline voice yet.  Because don't we all use the formal when being the strictest? Or is it just me?
I know it's coming though.  Teddy likes to get into mischief. 
Teddy is such a sweet kid. Generally happy, smiley, albeit a bit mischievous in demeanor.
Cruising around everywhere, the kid cannot be stopped.  Crawling, pulling up and walking along tables, couches, drawers, his walkers--anything that provides him with support.  He's also a climber and would probably make it all the way up the stairs if I let him.
Will eat anything, food and non-food alike.
He is a big fan of my spinach lasagna.
Although he will eat purees, he is not a huge fan because he likes to feed himself.  Very independent that one.
Tries desperately to keep up with Joey and for the most part they get along splendidly. Mostly.

He likes all the things he can't play with, obviously. 

He likes to don't bigs that make us laugh. He's quite the character. 
Size 5 diapers and 12-18 month clothing.
 Sleep is improving.  But let's just say it's a good thing he is cute;)
Is currently cutting his third tooth.  He seems to handle the teething like a champ.
Let's see, what else what else?  Oh he currently LOVES to give kisses.  It's so cute. the cutest.  But that's where his tricks end.  He is a one trick wonder so far.  Although he does play a mean peekaboo:)
He also says mama.  And he calls Andrew baba.:)
I love this little poochie face more and more everyday!

More food please!
Fresh buzz cut!
Brother love:)
Loving on dad:)
Up to no good;)
Eating his first donut hole.  He loved it, if you couldn't tell!

Showing off (insert heart eyes emoji)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What's saving me

I read this post today--what is saving your life--from the Modern Mrs. Darcy. As opposed to what is killing you. Because don't we sometimes tend to focus on the negative. I can honestly say I try not to! I like to think of myself as an eternal optimist so this post was right up my alley! You should check it out! 

And here is a few things from my list of what is saving me!

-coffee. Always. Can I get an Amen?
-my sweet sweet shoveling husband. Or else we'd probs be buried alive.
-sweet moments with the boys. We've been doing daily singalongs and it cracks me right up. They are just so stinkin cute!
-getting lost in a good book. Just finished this one. Amazing! Love love loved it!
-this podcast--So great! I listen whilst cleaning and not only does it make cleaning more enjoyable it also is so inspiring. And funny! 
-hot showers. Warms me right up when it's colder than a mother bear outside! 
-getting in a workout  even if it's something as quick as this gem! Or maybe getting my butt kicked by Jillian.  It totally makes my day better and me a happier mom!
It's just the little things strung along together!

What's saving you??

Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Wrapup

Just a few pics from the snowy weekend!

Joey LOVES coming upstairs with me to get Teddy from his morning nap. SO presh

Sometimes he convinces me to let him cuddle in Tedo's crib for a few minutes. 

No Mommy! I not selfie, I Joey! Ha!!

Grocery shopping date with this guy! I actually LOVE grocery shopping and it was so nice to get some kid free time with the hubs:) He is unimpressed with my selfies;)

Stop the cuteness!! 

Or don't!! :)

Bash bros ready for the game that they will NOT be staying up for;) Very strict in the bedtime routine over here. 

This two kill me! 

Hope you all survive the week without being buried alive by snow!