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Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Faves

It's Friday!
It's Halloween!
And today begins Hallowtide. 
That seems like a recipe for celebration:) 
And I'm finally back linking up for Friday Faves with Andrea, Erika and Narci

Halloween is definitely not my favorite holiday. It's actually my least favorite. However, I am all about getting on board with making holidays fun and festive! So today's fave is our Halloween style. If you follow me over on the gram then you have seen my over grammage of the bros' #halloweenweekstyle. 
My little monster. 

My little pumpkin. 

 Joey isn't as willing to pose for pics these days as much as the little Tedster is!  Too cool for mum.

We will also be doing something special this weekend to honor both All Saints' and All Souls' Days! We love a good feast day to celebrate in the Pal house:)

We are off to a Halloween Parade this morning.  
Pop back Monday to see some snaps from weekend festivities, including costume pics {that may or may not include some craftiness on mom's part;)}

Have a happy weekend!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekly snaps of the insta variety

here's some weekly grammage and a few from the cutting room floor
happy dance for nice weather!

look at me I'm sitting all by myself

this is how I roll--pun intended;)
joe borrowstole this bike from our cousins on the next street. yup it took us about 5 hours to get back home.

date night with this stud!
dreaming of a green jacket:)
 no I will not condone underage drinking in my children! but really? I found this to to be hilarious.
the progression of waiting for pasta to boil. I feel ya buddy.
first sippy. time is going too fast {a phrase never uttered by a mother;)}
what is it with boys and vehicles?

the bros

a real man wears a baby bjorn {and flannel}

Monday, October 20, 2014

all about the bros

the tedster is way past six months and I have yet to document this fact for future me to come check to make sure my future child(God willing!) is right on par with younger brothers, you know how it is.  But I have been all about reading da blogs than writing them as of late.  as evidenced by my lack of capitalization that my english teacher self is cringing at in dismay.

teddy-6 months-chunk monster McGee:)

17lbs 14 oz at appointment, although I am highly betting this numero has risen since said appt
27 inches long.
healthy as a horse

size 4 diapers
12 month clothing
wears some of Joey's old 18-24 month threads that have obviously shrunk beyond belief

2 great naps a day
generally sleeps through the night, occasionally wakes up once{the little stinker!}

has been eating solids, munches them right down as shown by his porkiness:)
bananas, pears, sweet potato, carrots and apples are winners thus far

is on a roll--literally! rolls around everywhere to get from point A to B! Wants to crawl, badly! Can't seem to figure it out quite yet. 
sits up unattended!
where's my baby? for reals

puts everything and anything in his mouth! loves chew toys. And fingers. 

smiley-est baby ever. so so happy

loves his exersaucer.

not a huge fan of car seat--too nosy

gave him his first sippy and he loves it. mostly to chew on;)

I just love him to pieces.

and for some laughs when i'm feeling nostalgic....Joey jabberings

as I was putting away the silverware in the utensil drawer, "Stop Mummy!! You"ll hurt yourself."

leaving the house on our daily outing. "Let's rock and roll!"

me: Joey you have to get a shot today."
Joey: "WOO! Going to the doctor's!"

at doctor's after receiving shot, giving his tough face, cheering for himself and then Teddy:
"This is so fun!"

after mummy doused him with hand sani for the 1000th(figuratively) time since entering the doctor's office:
"You crazy mummy"

This morning-- crawls into my lap. 
"Mommy, I love you"
Insert heart melting, "I love you too, Joe."
Grins mischievously ,"Cake?"
Could be referring to the pan, rice or bday variety. Settled for a piece of cinnamon&sugar toast. 
Sly fox knows how to work his mum. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A big ole picture dump

I have been M to the IA on the old blog lately, so I have two weeks worth of pics to post! Sit back. Or move along. 

Pats day!

Love our morning runs. 

Working on the selfie. 

New meaning to driving dirty;)

The bros--on point with the buffalo check trend. 

My sweet little turkey!

Gulia's baby shower! So excited to meet sweet baby Fo:)

Sleep after causing a ruckus at church;)

Helping dad build a table. 

Walking the blvd mom style!

On Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary we made an edible rosary. Crafty crafty. 

Six months! What the what?!

This sweet baby love:)


My fave faces!

Having fun with this kid. 

Soaking up the outdoors!

Chunks mcgunks. 

Chillin in the Sunday best. 

Reading a book, eating a book? You say potato I say patato;)

First buzz cut!

Monday, October 6, 2014

The worst part of your children misbehaving in Church

My children were absolutely miserable in church this past Sunday. For the most part they are manageable most weeks. Joey's had his moments but I feel like he is turning a corner in the church behavior department. I mean we go every Sunday. And Teddy is usually sleeping or happy to be held. Well it was a perfect storm of cranky yesterday. Teddy was a little thrown off with his sleep schedule so, fussy thy name is Tedster. Here's something about teddy. He is not a big rock me to sleep kind of baby. He can be nursed to sleep when needed but for the most part he needs to be plopped in his bed with something to chomp and he is out! So jostling, swaying, rocking was not cutting it on this the day of holiness. Andrew took him out back lest he not disturb the surrounding evil eye giving(kidding! I hope!) church goers. You may be thinking--this is surely the worst part. It was not. 
As one can imagine who have more than one blessed child, this did not fly with child nĂºmero uno! How dare teddy get to go out back and not me. I try to avoid bringing Joey out back at all so he doesn't misbehave purposefully just to get the luxury of hanging in the swanky narthex. This past Sunday it was unavoidable. At one point not a Paladino was to be found in the actual church. Still not the worst part. 
After mass when behavior is a B or above we let Joey play on the playground and get a donut. On this particular Sunday he thought this should occur before we had even got to the kneeling portion of mass. When we uttered that dreaded word, no, said child  threw a complete and utterly embarrassing, I may add, fit. He was promptly taken the the car do not pass go, do collect your donuts. Teddy and I still stood in the back as I wondered how many people were thinking what an awful mother I was who couldn't control her children in church! Hey people! We are there, my children and all children are the future of the church. Keep your judgey thoughts at bay and pray for us instead:)
Still not the worse part. 
Joey calmed down. He came back into the church with a new sense of church like behavior after apologies to his mother and father. He really is a sweetheart. We made it to communion with no other mishaps. I said an extra prayer for our lack of attentiveness during the mass. And we were on our not so merry way. 
Now here's the worst part of misbehaving  children in Church. No donuts for the accused means no donuts for the mom. 
Of course once we were home they looked so angelic. 

Here's hoping next week is better albeit a little more holy. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pin-spired: October

I love love love October. 
Crisp fall air. 
Beautiful colorful trees. 
Pumpkin anything & everything. 
It's all marvelous. 

You know what else I love about Fall?  All the clothes!
Today's Pinspired is all about transitioning into Fall clothes. I've packed away the summer stuff--bring on the cozy sweaters, scarves, and jackets!

 Linking up with Shay, Sheaffer & Mel

I really really love my military jacket! I loved how this pin paired it with a striped shirt. It's super casual and simple, but also sleek and sylish.

This will be a go to ensemble this Fall for sure!

This is basically my mom uniform when we are hanging out at the house. Leggings and a comfy sweater! I love me a cozy sweater! This pin was perfection:)

I have a weakness for plain white shirts. They are so versatile, go with anything and can be jazzed up with a fun scarf! I liked how this pin utilized a nice neutral scarf for this look. 

I am so looking forward to this month!

Happy First Day of October!