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Monday, August 4, 2014


Ahh It's August.
Only one more month of summer and then my beloved Fall arrives! Today's Pinspired is short and sweet, but I didn't link up last month and really missed it!  I am a little bit over the summer wardrobe. Looking forward to pulling out the Fall fash!
Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to wear which is totally not the case--I have more than enough clothes! Pinterest gives me ideas on how to wear clothes I already have. I love that! This is such a fun link up. 

Here's what pin-spired me this month!

I am absolutely loving this look. It's super casual and effortlessly nonchalant. I'm totally digging it. 

Please ignore my wrinkly shirt. I do many things but ironing is not one of them;) Also--this is Andrew's white tee! I was kinda loving on the over sized look of my inspiration. 

Clearly I'm so going for the easy breezy looks these days. This just seems downright comfy yet cute. 
This will definitely be a go to look! Easy and comfortable! I'm kinda loving it. 

The only time I've been able to sneak in pics is after I put Teddy down to sleep, hence the photos crammed in my closet!

Linking up with Shay, Sheaffer and Mel 

Happy Monday!


  1. I love your inspiration for the scarf outfit! I did a similar one in the spring with a white tee & a purple flowered scarf. It's an outfit that will definitely be making another appearance in the fall!

  2. I think we pin the a lot of the same looks! lol! I have been wanting to recreate that top pick all summer, but it has just been too dang hot! The first cool weekend I get it is done :) You look great in both recreations!