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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Get Pinspired: April & 9 months Edition

It's April!  Ahh that means so many things!  It means springy weather...I hope!  More importantly it means that I have officially entered my last month of pregnancy...I hope!  Yesterday I was officially 37 weeks and I am due on April 21 so please let this be the last month!! I am beyond excited to have this baby!! It's almost here! EEK!!
It also means that it is time to get Pin-spired!  This will be the last Pin-spired post of my bump because even if May rolls around and I have not had this babe--I probably will not be pin-spired
...no, not at all.
 I have to say I have been super lucky!  I still feel good!  I have been a super lucky pregnant woman and for that I am grateful.  Maybe that can give some of you future mamas out there some hope!  Pregnancy doesn't have to be all bad!  And dressing up your bump makes you feel so much better!  If you look good, you feel good--am I right ladies??  So without further ado...see how Pinterest gussied me up this month!

I am linking up with Shay, Sheaffer & Mel so be sure to check out their looks too!  They are always fabulous!
Look #1:
I liked how simple this look was and I liked how I had these items in my closet and would never have thought to mix them! Ohh, Pinterest, you little genius!  I replaced the knit scarf with a lighter one for a spring look.  Despite the still cold temps here in good old Maine I refuse to wear my winter clothes anymore!!
 top: Old Navy Maternity
scarf: Macys

 Look #2:
My pinspiration:

My Recreation:
Ok, a maxi skirt is going to be my official new best friend.  Comfy, cute AND hides my pasty white legs! LOVE! I really liked this look from Hillary Duff.  Simple and cute and super cozy! I wore flats because it's just not that warm enough for flip flops yet, but how transitional is this outfit from season to season!
 skirt: Target Maternity
long white go-to tank: H&M Mama
striped cardi: Forever 21

 Look #3:


Close-up with necklace:

As soon as I saw this look on Pinterest, I immediately thought of this shirt dress that has been sitting lonely and sad in my closet forevs because I just didn't know how to style it! Pinterest for the win again! Now obviously with the belly this is no where near appropriate for a dress! But how cute is it as a shirt?? And I think I could wear it post baby bump as a dress(with a little color on those legs, obvi) or with leggings!  How did people get dressed before Pinterest??;)
 denim shirt: Old Navy Maternity
pants: H&M Mama
striped shirt dress: Loft
necklace: J Crew
Foms(fake Toms): Walmart for $3.oo!! They were my steal of the week!

Look #4:


Clearly, I needed lots of inspiration dressing this month!  I really loved this look! So springy! 
Jeans: Old Navy Maternity
long mint tank: Old Navy Msternity
White shirt: Motherhood
scarf: TJ Maxx
shoes: Foms

Once again I am sorry for some of the pics being smaller!  I think it might be because I am cropping them to a panoramic view??  I'll try to rectify that for the next time!

Before I go-- I came across this adorable toddler pic on Pinterest and what do you know, Joey had rocked a similar look for church recently!  
Even my two year old stud gets Pin-spired:)  Love that face!

Hopefully come next month I will be sans baby bump with a cute new accessory in my arms:) Boy or girl? Only time will tell!


  1. Your outfits are SO cute!! Your bump is too :) The shirt dress is adorable and loving that statement necklace! Found you through the link up, Happy Wednesday!

  2. How cute is that last photo! Love all the looks you recreated!

  3. I love look 3!!
    Your bump looks so cute in that dress, and $3 fake Toms--awesome!

  4. Love your outfits! I have a shirt that looks similar to the one in look one but I've never thought to put a red scarf with it! Genius. Good luck with everything ;)

  5. You look SO cute!!! Only a few more weeks...yay!
    I am loving all your looks...especially the first one and 3rd one!
    Thanks for linking up with us!