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Sunday, March 30, 2014

#palpicofthaday2014 Week 13

We had an absolutely fabulous weekend over here at the Paladino house! A perfect measure of both pleasure and productivity! It was just what we needed! I enjoyed every minute with my boys:)

Here is our week in pictures!

Day 82:
This is what the Monday after your birthday party looks like! 

Day 83:
Couldn't resist snapping this presh pic of Joey while he was napping!

Day 84:
Play date: Lego style! These were quite a hit!

Day 85:
Sister night!! Moira treated me to some fro yo!! It was delish! I had a combo of pistachio and birthday cake with shredded coconut, chocolate and white chips, and strawberries! Yum!

Day 86:
My Friday night looked like this! Building a Lego tower with my sweet boy! I love this life:)

Day 87:
Beautiful Saturday!! We started our day with a long walk! It was perfection!

Day 88:
Rainy day called for busting out our new raincoat and rain boots!! My little fireman:)

Have a lovely week blog readers:)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites

Whose ready for the weekend?! This girl is!  I feel like I still have a ton to get done in preparation for baby #2 and having the husband home to help me will be huge! I have big plans for us this weekend:)
For now let's get to some Friday Favorites!
I am a peanut butter and jelly girl through and through!  I have one just about everyday! Having said that, I decided to mix it up this week.  Not being able to have deli meat does pose a little problem for branching away from my beloved pb&j, but I concocted this little sandwich that is one of my new favorite sandwiches and is therefore a Friday Favorite of the week!!

It is swiss cheese, sliced cucumbers, pickles(cliché, right?) and mango chutney.  It is DE-LISH, I tell ya! You can use whatever kind of bread you like or have on hand.  I had these flatbreads that I used and it was quite tasty! The next day I used some fresh bakery bread--equally as yummy:)

Yesterday I was in Old Navy and found this adorable tinted lip balm for $2.50!
As if the price and the adorable polka dot tube wasn't enough to make me buy it--I also really love the color it gives my lips!

Pretty sassy, right?!  Sorry I had to do a close up with my camera to get the full effect!  Although the pouty kiss face suggests otherwise--I am not trying to seduce you!

I did a quick Walmart run to finish up Joey's Easter basket the other day and happened to walk by a clearance rack of shoes and lingered a little.  Thank goodness I did!! I found these Foms(that's my word for fake Toms) for $3!! Yes you read that right...THREE DOLLARS!! Perfect neutral and beyond comfy! This was my steal of the week and my new fave footwear!
Have a fabulous Friday!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bumpdate 36 Weeks

 Here is a little bumpdate!
How Far Along: 36 weeks as of Monday! Go me!
Size of baby: Baby #2 is 6lbs 3oz!  The lady who gave me the ultra sound on Monday said if it continues growing at its current rate it could be anywhere between 7 1/2-8lbs!  I am fine with that!  Joey was 7lbs 11oz so anywhere in that ballpark I know I can handle:)
Maternity Clothes: Well even my maternity clothes are getting a little snug over my belly because it protrudes so much!  I  had to invest in a couple of extra shirts and zip ups to hold me over until the end!
Gender: It’s a surprise! I just started washing and going through all my baby clothes and organized things into gender neutral and boy stuff--that way I am ready for anything!  It is getting me super excited! And let's just say we will be all set if we have a boy, I forgot how much stuff Joey had!
Movement:  Last week my Baby Bump App tip of the day was to sit, relax and count movements.  You are suppose to feel 10.  What I failed to read was that it was 10 in an hour and not 10 consecutive movements so I of course started freaking a little.  I felt like there wasn't as much movement as normal!   I totally had everyone I know talk me down and then mentioned it to the doc on my visit on Monday which is how I ended up with another ultrasound.  A precaution!  Everything is perfect!  Baby is healthy and moving.  He/she obviously just doesn't have as much room for the same kind of movement as before.  But it did ease my mind! And I got a 4D pic of baby!

Sleep:  Still ok but not great! I have started waking up twice to pee now instead of once.  But I definitely do fall asleep and get probably about 6-7 hours of decent sleep.  I have been getting restless leg syndrome though and have to change positions A LOT!
Cravings:  I just crave food in general.  I can't get enough, I am ALWAYS hungry!  Although this week I have been loving Activia Greek Yogurt, Parmesan Goldfish and Teddy Grahams.  Not all together, that'd just be weird!
Best Moment this week:  My sweet boy turning 2!  I can't believe he has been in my life for 2 years!! I can't believe I have only been a mom for 2 years.  I can't remember life without him:) I love that he is becoming such a little boy!

I am also enjoying this time as a family of three, the normalcy, the routine, the ability to make it through the night without a crying baby:) All of our lives are about to change!  For the better of course:)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Well I totally dropped the blogging ball yesterday. This post was suppose to happen yesterday. I have been so busy getting things ready before the baby arrives that when I have a spare moment I choose to clean the shower or wash all the walls in my bedroom, launder baby things I may need, get Joey's Easter basket all ready and get a present ready from baby 2 to Joey(presents always make things easier right;)??) I know I am going a little crazy! But I am nothing if not prepared and with only maybe 4 weeks left-- the pressure is on!!

Anyway, I was determined to take time today to blog!

I wanted to share Joey's party with with you all!! I was thinking this year could quite possiby be the last year I get to pick the theme so I wanted something cute that I could work decorations and food into as well!! Clearly I consulted Pinterest--she has yet to steer me wrong--and found the CUTEST baseball themed party ideas! This was perfectly timed since we are in the process of moving Joey into a baseball/sport themed big boy bedroom!! 

As for food?? Well a hot dog bar, popcorn and cracker jacks of course!! I took the idea and ran with! I am really happy with how it turned out:)

The invite!

Here's Joey snacking before people arrived! You can't tell but his shirt says, "I'm the Birthday Boy!"

Here's my concessions table.  We served popcorn, peanuts, BBQ pulled chicken, finger sandwiches, veggie platter and lots of snackys.

A baseball party obviously needs popcorn!

Here is the hot dog bar!  My brother lent me both the popcorn machine and the hot dog cooker.  Because doesn't everyone have those items just laying around??

My cousin & Joey's godmother, Molly, had this awesome cake made! Isn't it absolutely adorable?!  It was almost too cute to eat! Almost!

And here are the cupcakes.  Joey's cupcake is the one with the baseball on it and he scarfed if right down!  He has a major sweet tooth, that one.

Here's Dad helping Joey blow out his candle!  They practiced all morning!

So excited to be 2! My big boy:)

Oh no this kid isn't spoiled or anything!  Everyone in our family is so generous and we are so grateful!  But this kid is spoiled rotten--he definitely needs a sibling;)

These boys were wiped right out after a day of partying!
Love them:)

Joey got lots of train stuff for his birthday and is OBSESSED with Thomas the Train.  I was thinking maybe I should have gone that route for our theme.  However...train food?? That would not have worked!  But if this obsession continues, you may be seeing a Thomas the Train party next year!  Good thing I have a whole year to prepare:)

Happy Hump Day blog friends!

Monday, March 24, 2014

#palpicoftheday2014 Week 12

Yes it was just another manic Monday. Yesterday was Joey's birthday party! It was a great time, but I was so exhausted by the end of the day. Lucky for me my mom tidied up before she left and the my the sweet hubby did the rest of the cleaning!! Today Joey and I had a super busy day and I am just now getting to blog!! 

Here are our week in pictures!

Day 76:
This kid was super excited to ham it up with all his aunts and uncles on St. Patrick's Day!

Day 77:
We took a field trip to the Gorham Fire Starion with some other moms and kiddos! Joey had a blast--and got a snazzy fire hat!

Day 78:
Daddy came home with an early bday dinner of grilled cheese from Panera! One of the Joey's fave foods!

Day 79:
My 2 year old birthday boy!!

Day 80:
Joey got some bubbles from a friend and we had some major Friday afternoon fun!

Day 81:
We took a trip to the toy store on Saturday so we could get Joey a bday present!! This Thomas train is what he chose! Totally loving it!

Day 82:
Sunday we had Joey's baseball birthday party! Check back tomorrow for my party recap!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

Most of the time during the week my favorite things are the little moments. I had a different post in mind today and then Joey woke up at 4:30 this morning for some crazy reason! But we came downstairs, cuddled up under a blanket and Joey cozied himself into the nook of my arm:)

These are the kind of little moments in life that are my favorite!!  There will come a day when Joey won't want to cuddle any more--so far now I am going to take full advantage!!

What little moment happened to you this week that was your favorite?? These little moments are what make each day special!

Hope you have a lovely weekend filled with lots of little moments:)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Joey!

Happy happy Birthday to my sweet boy!! Two years ago this little bundle gave me the most important job I'll ever have...mother! I have cherished every single day that this boy has touched my life! I am truly blessed:)

Today it is a rainy 36 degrees! The day Joey was born it was a balmy 70! 

This kid has been the easiest, happiest little boy ever! I had the easiest labor, he nursed like a champ and started sleeping through the night at a month! (I know, I know I'm doomed for #2!!)

He had his two year appointment last week! He is about 30 lbs and just about 35 inches tall. He is 80% for head size!!

He is still a picky eater but is getting better! He loves milk, cheese, yogurt, English muffins with cream cheese, waffles, toast, bananas and most recently Teddy Graham's!! He also has a major sweet tooth! Notice there is no veggie in that list!! I keep trying though!

He is talking UP A STORM!! He has so many words and just recently started saying phrases like-- "I see you"  "I got you!" "Here ya go" "Where'd it go?"  And then of course he also speaks in his own little language and I pretend to keep up!

He loves his train table, any kind of ball, his shopping cart, pushing around his bus and airplane. He still loves Woodsy! Anything he does Woodsy does! I even have to fake put lotion on Woodsy!

He is very generous with kisses for his mom and dad! I love that:) 

He likes to watch Thomas the Train, Sid the Science Kid, Curious George, Daniel Tiger and Bubble Guppies. He responds to questions and is totally engaged with the shows. I'm shocked at how much he has learned from them!

He is such a good natured kid and I am confident he will be such a great big brother!! I am excited to see what this next year brings in the life of my Joey!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Is it seriously Wednesday again?! Time is flying!! Now that St. Paddy's Day is over we are focusing all our attention on Joey's 2nd bday!! I can't believe my baby is two!! And in about one month he will also be an older brother! Crazy!

Anywho, I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday and I am sharing some of my festive green looks I wore in honor of the holiday!!

Look #1: 
Dress: Old Navy Maternity
Scarf & tights: Old Navy
Boots: Target

Look #2:
Cardigan: Forever 21
Teal shirt: Gap
White tank: H&M mama
Jeans: Motherhood 
Boots: Target

Look 3: 
Shirt: Gap
Black cardi: Old Navy Maternity
Jeans: Motherhood
Flats: Payless ( they are for a few years ago but I LOVE them! Most comfortable flats ever!)

And this is Look #1 with a vintage Gap peacoat. I use the word vintage because it sounds uber stylish but really it's just a few seasons old. 

Have a wonderful hump day! We are off to make preparations for the celebration of the little prince:)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#palpicoftheday2014 Week 11

I am absolutely exhausted! I apologize in advance for the brevity of this post! Here is our week in pictures. Short & sweet:)

Day 69:
This kid was tuckered right out! He slept until almost 5!

Day 70:

And then on this day he refused to nap at all so we played outside! It was so nice! He had a blast! Needless to say he was in bed by 6:30!

Day 71:
Joey and I took a walk outside and then snuck in a little workout! I feel so much better if I stay active!

Day 72:
This silly face kills me!

Day 73:

Two year appt! Joey had a blast! He loved the doctor and the office! He didn't want to leave! He was as healthy as a horse and such a good boy! And he didn't even cry wen he had to get a shot in each arm! He officially turns two on Thursday! I can't even believe it!!

Day 74:
We went to New Hampshire for the day to celebrate Nana's bday! Joey was loving his noise maker:)

Day 75:
Sunday evening cuddles!! Love!