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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Pin-spired!

It's October! Can you believe it?! Wasn't it JUST August??  I am so excited for October because I feel like it is officially time to embrace all things Fall.  Check out my October bucket list to see just how I am going to make this happen:)  Once October arrives, it is time to turn the Fall fashion up a notch!  Today I am once again linking up with three of my favorite, fabulous bloggers for Get Pin-spired!

Be sure to checkout Shay's, Sheaffer's and Mel's looks here:

Here are my October looks!

I thought this inspiration looked super simple and chic.

I think I pulled it off rather nicely:) 
It is extremely hard to get a good pick in my full length mirror, I always tend to cut off my head! Being tall--a blessing and a curse;)

I love me an oversized sweater! It's super comfy and super forgiving;)

So cozy! I am loving this look! This is probably going to be a go-to outfit for me this Fall/Winter!

I am seriously digging the mint and pinkish/purple (I know this color has a name but it is alluding me!) color combo, it totally jazzes up boring old black.

I worked with what I had and came up with this look.  Not too shabby!

I think in the last picture my growing baby bump is a little more obvious which leads me to believe that this might be my last month before I need to start getting pin-spired by maternity looks.  Good thing I have been pinning them up a storm!  Who says you can't be pregnant and stylish, right?!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my apple crisp recipe! It's de-lish, I tell ya!

Happy Tuesday:)


  1. Love your looks!! My favorite is that striped sweater and scarf. SO cute!!

  2. All of your looks are great! I was inspired by a vest this month too ;)

  3. Katie, my favorite is look 2!!
    That black & white striped sweater is gorgeous!
    Have a great day!! :)

  4. They all look great, but the first look is definitely my favorite! Great job!


  5. I would wear every single outfit you posted!!! You rocked the pins this month!
    I have the 2nd one pinned. Love it!
    Thanks for linking up with us!

  6. I love every look, but especially the last one. Your baby bump is so cute! Where did you get those shoes they are adorable?!

  7. I love all 3 of your looks Katie! Thank you so much for linking up today!

  8. I love it! Especially that second one. Very pretty!

  9. Love the vest look and the oversized sweater :)

  10. Every outfit is adorable. You hit the looks spot on.

  11. All of your outfits are so perfect for fall! You look great!