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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring manicure time:)

Spring is in the air! Sort of:) But it is time to revitalize your nails to a fun festive color. Easter is this Sunday so I am choosing pink to celebrate. My pick of the day is Our Fuchsia's Lookin' Bright! It is from the brand Nicole by OPI. Every gal needs a pop of color to welcome a new season!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Ok Wednesday night is sister night over at the Paladino house. My two beautiful sisters come over for dinner and I am making them watch Friday Night Lights! Last year I discovered this show on Netflix and was obsessed! I breezed right through all 5 seasons in no time at all(the beauty of Netflix!) So I am now re-watching it with my sisters because I love it so much, and they are loving it too:) It is my pick of the day! If you haven't watched this show, start immediately, you will not be disappointed! There is football so guys will enjoy it and there is Tim Riggins so girls will enjoy it, I know i do:). I'm obsessed with Tami Taylor, I HEART Coach Taylor, Matt Saracen is adorable, Landry Clark kills me and the true show stealer is Matt's grandma bless her little heart! Trust, this show rules:) Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I pick coffee, everyday!

I love everything about coffee.    I love the idea of coffee, the smell of coffee, coffee dates, and of course coffee mugs!  I have a wackadoo obession with coffee mugs, I literally have about 40!  I have to store some down in the cellar because they don't all fit in the cupboard.  Husband not a fan of said obsession, oops:)  It can't be just any mug either.  It's all about the size and the handle.  I like a big ol' cup of coffee and my whole hand needs to fit through the handle for absolute mug perfection.  I did not start drinking coffee until after I graduated college which was about five years ago. Why? I'll never know! Coffee would have agreed with college Katie.  Although it's probably a good thing my coffee addiction ocurred later in life since I can't just stop at one cup in a day.  I usually have two cups to start my morning and if I am lucky I try to squeeze  in another one at some point during my day!  I don't need a really good excuse either, any will do: "I am going to work, need a coffee "I'm taking a ride in the car, need a coffee" "I'm meeting up with my sister, we NEED a coffee" or my favorite "I am a mom of a baby, I need another coffee:)"  So this need for several cups of coffee a day  brings me to my "pick of the day".  Folgers 1/2 Caff.  It is my only good defense in the amount of coffee I consume!  It still gives you a kick without being a totally decaf drag.  I like to brew my own coffee, and Folgers is the only kind I have found that has this option, if there are others out there let me know, I do not discriminate! (ok maybe a little bit, sorry Dunks get that weak stuff outta here! I drink you only when no other option is available).  Not a fan of brewing your own pot?? Don't blame you! When getting my coffee to go (hello who ever made to go cups cool, you rock, because I totally feel cool holding a to go cup!) I just mix half regular and half decaf and voila! The best coffee is Coffee by Design and the Cookie Jar has my favorite CBD blend.  It is the Cookie Jar blend regular/decaf combo! Seriously go there, if not for the coffee then for a donut or my favorite a frosted cranberry scone! From one coffee lover to another, enjoy another cup of joe today!(I swear this is not why I named my son Joe:)

Here is a picture of the coffee with my current favorite mug!  It's a cute paisley print one I got at TJ Maxx for $2.99! Love me some TJs:)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

MJ is my pick of the day

As promised here is my first pick of the day post. My pick is brought to you courtesy of Joey's birthday party. This kid made out like a bandit! He seriously now has more clothes than I do. He is going to be one stylish little guy. He is definitely a lucky little boy:) But anyways back to my "pick of the day".  My pick of the day is going to one of the presents Joey received from his Uncle Pat and Uncle Luke! His first pair of Michael Jordan sneakers! This is seriously like a rite of passage for a boy. I mean really what little boy doesn't want to kick it in his Jordan's. The sneakers are iconic and the story of their creation really fascinates me. Jordan didn't even want to sign a deal with Nike at first! Can you imagine! Check it out here: http://www.soleredemption.com/air-jordan-history/ Thank goodness they ended up making a deal, certainly worked out for both of them. I personally have always loved Michael Jordan. Not only was he an unbelievable player but he was a player with a tremendous amount of character,which I think we sorely lack these days! So Joey will be rocking his Jordan's and hopefully he will fly like an eagle:)


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pick of the Day!

I am giving Paladino Picks a little makeover!  I have thoroughly enjoyed recommending books to you, and I will continue to do so!  So along with giving you my top picks for books,  I also thought it might be kind of fun to give you my favorite "picks" for other things as well.   I want to update my blog daily so I will be posting a "pick of the day". My pick of the day will commence tomorrow.  I hope you continue to stop by often:)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Firefly Lane-Kristin Hannah

In the turbulent summer of 1974, Kate Mularkey has accepted her place at the bottom of the eighth-grade social food chain. Then, to her amazement, the “coolest girl in the world” moves in across the street and wants to be her friend. Tully Hart seems to have it all---beauty, brains, ambition. On the surface they are as opposite as two people can be: Kate, doomed to be forever uncool, with a loving family who mortifies her at every turn. Tully, steeped in glamour and mystery, but with a secret that is destroying her. They make a pact to be best friends forever; by summer’s end they’ve become TullyandKate. Inseparable.

So begins Kristin Hannah’s magnificent new novel. Spanning more than three decades and playing out across the ever-changing face of the Pacific Northwest, Firefly Lane is the poignant, powerful story of two women and the friendship that becomes the bulkhead of their lives.


This novel is truly a book about love, loss and the charmed power of a true friendship.  The character of Tully is desperate for love and pride from the mother who abandoned her.  She becomes captivated with being a news reporter early on and her life becomes consumed with making that dream a reality.  She relentlessly chases her ambition first to New York and eventually around the world, finding fame and success and ultimately loneliness.

Kate pretends to be compelled by a need for success as she tries to mirror Tully’s own dream, but all she really wants is to fall in love and have children and live a conventional life. Kate is as motivated as Tully, but in different ways.  She never dreamed how being a wife and a mother would change her.

Their friendship spans over 30 years where they weather the ups and downs of adolescence, college and ultimately adulthood.  Hannah gives an insightful look into the intricacies of friendship between two vastly different women and how such a friendship can survive over three decades despite a devastating betrayal. 

I truly love this novel and the compelling story which is brought to life by its characters.  I would love to say that I equated myself with Tully, but let’s be honest I unavoidably  identified with KatieJ Not only was Katie a more relatable character  for me I truly found myself championing for her at every turn as she is distinguished as more of the underdog of the story.  However, Hannah does a superb job with the complex nature of Tully and utilizes her abandonment issues  for many of the choices she makes with uncanny ease.  I often found myself getting extremely upset with Tully because she is a very selfish character and I didn’t always think that she was the kind of friend that was true, but then she would consistently do something to redeem herself, in her Tully way.  In my opinion Kate was the better friend, but it was that she accepted Tully for who she was, flaws and all, that genuinely made them the best of friends.

This story not only highlights the great bond of a true friendship but it also delves into the relationship between mothers and daughters.  It exemplifies how important these relationships are to shaping and strengthening  a woman’s life.  After reading this book you will want to call your mum and tell her how sorry you are for your angsty teen years and then pass the book along to your bestieJ  I must warn you that this is the consummate tearjerker, so have your tissues ready!


KRISTIN HANNAH revisits the world & unforgettable characters from FIREFLY LANE with her new novel FLY AWAY coming April 13th.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Kitchen House-Kathleen Grissom

I literally could not put this book down! It was an absolute page turner.  I have a love/hate relationship with a book that I can’t stop reading.  I obviously love that I am enjoying a compelling book, but I hate that it consumes my life and then I am incredibly sad when poof it is done and the characters I have grown to love are gone.  This was a book that I fully became invested in the characters, so absorbed in their story that I fully became part of their family.  So much so that my heart would be racing as I anxiously read how this suspenseful story would unfold.  The Kitchen House is about an Irish orphan girl, Lavinia, who is bought as an indentured servant by a plantation owner.  There she is cared for by the owner’s illegitimate daughter, Belle, with whom she forms an incredible bond and is welcomed by the other slaves who become her family.  Because of her color, she soon is accepted into the big house and is torn between the two worlds.  Choices are made; tragedy strikes and consequences are devastating.  The book has dual narrators in Lavinia and Belle.  This provides varying viewpoints that help translate some of the actions of the plot.  Lavinia’s naiveté, innocence and acquiescence make you love and champion for her, however, it also makes you become increasingly frustrated with her as well.  The complicated character of Marshall is a central figure in the book who you will pity, love and loathe throughout as he is a driving force of many plot twists.  The historical aspect of this book was well researched and an extremely interesting and important facet to the story.  I highly recommend this novel as a book club read as it will bring up lots of thought provoking discussion.